A Bit About Me

Megan Heyl, M.Ed.

Let me introduce myself, my work and my lectures in the genealogy community.

I am a retired teacher on a continuing genealogy journey of over 20 years. It began with curiosity about my family’s history and was nearly derailed by the vast quantity of resources and information. I have always known that my father, and his father “came over” from Wales, and when I find spare time I continue the journey to trace the family I have “crossed the pond” to Penarth, and I have connected with cousins and other relatives who live there today.

When I realized that trial and error was a tough way to learn how to “do genealogy” my experience from years of teaching told me to share these learning experiences, both good and bad, in the hope that others would not repeat my mistakes. This inspired me to form my own business, Hunting Down History to provide professional genealogical research and educational services.

Several years ago a small group in my town of Holland, Michigan wanted more education about genealogical research, so to meet their needs I formed the Genealogy Study Group.